Why we do what we do

Where escapist beach fantasies and cultural breaks meet fulfilling career changes, personal & professional development

Our vision

We want to redefine what and how learning can be done and give people the opportunity to learn new and relevant skills whilst being able to escape and explore at the same time. Learning should be constant and made fun and so by removing yourself from the distractions of everyday life, being present in beautiful surroundings with inspiring people, with daily yoga, meditations, workshops, nourishing food, local experiences, we feel you can accomplish so much more than a traditional classroom around a full time job and the daily grind.

We believe everyone has limitless potential and so our mission is to trigger transformation that leads to growth, change and fulfillment. Through meaningful experiences with inspiring individuals, we provide a lifelong supply of new friendships, opportunities, and ideas.

With a critical shortage of digital skills, limited time and a growing demand for those wanting to learn them, our goal is to bridge the gap and elevate you to a new level

Our approach

Empowering people with the skills to do work that really inspires them on a daily basis is what inspires us. Our approach is do this through structured and immersive bootcamps led by industry experts and done where you’re removed from your normal surroundings. We want everyone coming home refreshed and inspired with a plan, toolkit and support network to make a positive transition.

Our manifesto

What really drives us is that our time on this earth is limited with so many things to do and so many places to see. Most of us probably spend on average 22.4% of our lives working at a job which for a small number of people is awesome.

What if you’re not feeling fully fulfilled? What if you feel that you could be doing more? Perhaps you’re curious about what else is out there?

Settling for a job you hate or a life you’re not passionate about is not how we think life should be lived and so we want to give people the tangible skill sets for transformation, growth, purpose and fulfilment.

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