Upskill in paradise

Immersive bootcamps in today’s most in-demand skills

What we do

Vagamundo combines learning and travel through immersive bootcamps and cultural experiences in locations around the world.

We provide the framework with which to learn today’s in-demand skills from carefully curated industry experts to fufil your professional and personal growth. We create an environment for accelerated learning and one that allows you to explore a new place at the same time.

Each of programs touches an element of our 3P’s.

Whats included
  • Structured immersive workshops delivered by industry experts
  • Toolkit & mindset to change, enhance or boost your career
  • Access to expert and professional networks
  • Discover a new place
  • Private accommodation, meals & transfers
  • Daily yoga (optional)
  • Local experiences & activities
  • New friends, co-founders and contacts
  • On-going support
  • Connections, stories & opportunities
Our Core Values
Learn new tools and skills

We want to give you the opportunity to learn new skills from experts in the field that you can use beyond the duration of the trip. It’s about having a personal transformative experience that opens up the rest of your life by developing new skills. You’ll come away with a toolkit, plan and support network to live the life you want.

Discover a new place

We strive to push the boundaries of travel and think outside the box in terms of the experiences we are creating for you. It’s about having a fulfilling, transformative and unique travel experience. We take the hassle out of planning and provide an environment for you to make endless memories

Meet like-minded people

Think you’re alone? Think again. Meeting people isn’t that difficult, finding someone you really click with is a bigger challenge. Connect with like-minded people from all walks of life whilst you learn, experience new cultures and grow together through common interests and goals.

Our Locations
Barcelona (coming soon)
Berlin (coming soon)
Flow State

Our fundamental approach is centred around getting in the “flow” state of mind, when you create an environment that motivates and inspires then amazing things happens; learning becomes more focused and fun.

By removing yourself from the stress of everyday life, creating an environment that inspires, supports and takes you out of your comfort zone then you are able to focus more mental energy on learning something new.

We run these programs abroad as we want you thinking about the amazing things you are learning and connections you are forming with others rather than the chores you need to do or the daily commute to work.

Learning and having fun don’t need to be mutually exclusive and we strive to create the perfect environment for doing both.

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